Store Policy

Customer Care

Your experience of shopping with Safa and using our products is the core focus of what we do. For that reason, we aim to make our online store as straightforward as possible, and ensure that the after-care, once you’ve purchased our products, is second to none.

If you meet the minimum of $150, we’ll ship your order to you -- wherever you are in the world -- for free. Better yet, we guarantee that our products reach you in perfect condition, and will offer you a discount on your next order if they don’t.

Finally, each of our products comes with a 2-year full warranty. This is a guarantee that nothing will go wrong with our goods. If the worst happens, we’ll make it right. 

Privacy & Safety

We collect some user information in the form of cookies. These allow us to tailor your experience of our website to your needs, and only store them as long as is necessary for that purpose.

Our entire website is encrypted with an SSL certificate, meaning any data you share during transactions is 100% protected from third parties.

Payment Methods

  • Major Credit / Debit Cards

  • PayPal

  • Bank Wire

  • Klarna